Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Head Above Water

Current deadlines threaten to overwhelm me, so why did I decide to take scuba lessons now? Bad timing! Especially since I'm doing my best to keep my head above water. Seems so wrong to breathe under the surface.

I am processing photos for a hotel job right now. They are mostly sepia, so require post processing. I have another project just resizing and processing a client's photos. That's not something I would ordinarily do, but these are unusual times, aren't they?

My pilot boyfriend and I went to San Antonio and the Hill Country over the weekend. It's the week of my dad's 94th birthday so we went for that, but made a side trip to do photographic research for a project. It's bluebonnet season and we expected fields full of blue flowers, plus the red Indian paintbrush. Looked high and low, but it's a bad year for wildflowers in that area. Pretty scarce.

Took my dad up to the Tower of the America's for a birthday lunch. We ate assorted appetizers, and Victor broke from the mold and tried Ahi Tuna for the first time. He liked it! And my Dad liked Victor, so it was a win-win for me.

My projects are all on track, but with a heavy painting schedule for me. I'll be worn out by November when my last project is shipped out. Guess I'll be ready for a dive trip then!


Bee Skelton said...

So pleased you were able to surface long enough to do an update. I detect the best of reasons. So happy for you. Hugs to all :)

Walker said...

Hi Bee -- Yes, a boyfriend takes a lot of time! Sure having fun, though. Good to hear from you!