Sunday, October 12, 2008

Change of Seasons

Today has been landscaping day, when I tear up those spindly summer impatiens and replace them with the smiling faces of fall pansies. I'm doing white this year -- full white flowers, little purple faces, and some burgundy snapdragons as an accent. And red cyclamen. I'm exhausted.

I had the pleasure of visiting with Nita Leland on Friday night, at the gallery reception at Artists Showplace. I bought a copy of her new book "Confident Color" for my friend Dave. He thinks I'm really special for having it autographed by Nita! It's a great book, be sure and check it out. Was also nice to see my dear friends at the gallery.

I have a full week ahead, with a big abstract painting to get started on before heading to New England on Friday.

My new website is being worked on as we speak. It's strictly photography, and I hope to populate it with thousands of images. I've got my work cut out for me for sure!


Anonymous said...

ahhhh, to be gardening right now... but nooooo I booked 5 show till the end of the year, what was I thinking?

Anonymous said...

I was surprised and delighted to see you Friday at the opening. Wish we could have had more time together to get caught up.

Walker said...

Nita - was great to see you, too! We'll have to plan better next time.