Monday, July 21, 2008

Gettin' Busy

Texas Collage, 26 x 26 on paper

Not in the "street" sense, but literally! The studio is hopping as I count down the days before leaving for housesitting in California. I love Berkeley in August! Such a treat to get away from 100 degree Dallas days.

Had a commission from a client in Atlanta for two of the paintings (above). This was from a series of 6" sq collages I did about six years ago. It worked okay as a small image like that, but the new ones were 26" sq. Not so sure it's a good look, but hey. It was a purchase order and I filled it.

Finalizing the layout and installation for the 22 pc registration project. It will have to leave my studio this week if they want to install it on time. I'll be gone for three weeks and know they won't want to wait that long. Besides, it's taking up a lot of real estate in my studio, and I need to get it out of here! I'll be photographing each piece today to create the installation map.


CMC said...

Busy, busy lady you are, Robin. I am, too, but not in the studio unfortunately. Oh well, my time will come when I get rid of other things calling "fix me first".

Have a good and safe trip.

andrea said...

I love this piece! (I could use a few 'purchase orders' myself... :)