Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer Doldrums

Something about the warm windy weather calls to me. I want to be out in it, not stuck in the studio. It's a problem since the pool is visible from the studio windows. I'm trying to have it all by working in my swimsuit and running back and forth between the paintbrush and the pool float. Yes, I know I should be swimming laps instead, but hey.

I'm so easily distracted these days! When my neighbor calls to see if I want to walk the dogs I say yes! When my friend calls to go to a movie I say yes! When I'm invited to Happy Hour, I go. What happened to my focus? Aha - maybe my life is becoming more balanced.

This weekend I beat myself up until I finally did a resin pour at 8:00 last night. I planned to do it over the weekend, and waited until the very last minute on Sunday night. At least I did it, it's cured today, and that's another piece completed for the Westin Park Central.


Annette Bush said...

Your life is becoming more balanced?!! I believe the word 'artist' is synonymous with 'unbalanced!' HA!

But it does sound like you might be finding a way to enjoy just being.

Kim Radatz said...

In response to your “I should be swimming laps” comment, I think running back and forth between your studio and the pool is a lap and should be counted as such! Swimming, running, both are good for you, yes? And the vision of anybody working in their studio in a bathing suit is FABULOUS! Sex and The City’s got nothin’ on you.

I just got you comment, ages later, sorry for not responding sooner. I am new to this cyberspace business and I am technically challenged. But I’m learning and I’ll count that too. Nice to meet you!

Walker said...

Yea! My route around my house does qualify as laps! Sure is more fun in the pool, though!