Wednesday, April 02, 2008


The seashell project has me spinning around in circles! That's what I get for accepting a project I had little idea how to do. At this point, a mold has been made of the original sculpture. I made up three batches of colored water for the designer to pick a color from, and we cast the first "sample" piece in tinted transparent resin. The color is perfect, but because none of us had cast clear resin before, we had a couple problems. The main one being that the mold was saturated with mold release. All that liquid pooled in the mold, and created interesting textures on the final casting. Interesting to me, but maybe not to the designer, who hasn't seen it yet. Who knows, she might like it better. The casting is off at the plastics guy right now, he's trying to come up with an innovative cleat to hold it tight to the wall. We're still in the designing phase since the first pour wasn't completely successful

In the meantime I have plenty of other things to keep me busy. The first being the 22 pc installation for a Westin registration desk. There are lots of steps to this project, so I'm doing a little every day.

Tomorrow I meet with Texas Clinic again, to make some decisions about artwork for one of the suites.

I have an abstract painting on the wall I've also been working on a little every day. It will tell me when it's finished!

Getting ready to leave town, absolutely can't wait to get out of here for awhile to let the dust settle and simply chill out.


Martha Marshall said...

That's the way to push the envelope, Robin. After this you'll be an expert, and maybe will have discovered a new twist on that cast resin process.

I hope the designer loves it!

Walker said...

yea - I hope the designer likes it too, because I'm so OVER this project!