Saturday, April 26, 2008

Laid Back

Ivy creeps up the window and blocks my view of paradise. I am on vacation. All I care about is the sound of the wind, the rustle of leaves, the sun's path across the sky.

I have told my clients not to bother me, and left a message on my studio phone that the studio is closed. I need this time to myself.




Anonymous said...

tie the ivy back then undo it when you leave. that takes care of that!

Walker said...

what a good idea, but unworkable since I'm perched on an elevation. I can see enough. Sometimes there are horses on the horizon at daybreak.

Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

I'm SO jealous!
You definitly deserve a vacation though!

CMC said...

Don't know where you are, but it sounds great. I'm getting antsy to be getting all my gear together for the month in Italy. Maybe I should post one of those "studio closed" for a month messages on my phone.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are taking a break and hope you renew yourself while doing it! I just got back from Colony and my brain is full of energy, but the body is still tired...not enough sleep!

Take care and have fun and then let us know where you are hiding when you get back.


Walker said...

Yes - I'm in hiding! It's something I've done many times - and it always seems to come at a time when I desperately need it. Cheryl - go ahead and close the studio!