Thursday, March 20, 2008

Planning Ahead

I thought it appropriate to title this post "planning ahead" when my last one was "be in the moment". How can a person do both?? To anyone who has a busy schedule, you just do it. While I am waiting for paint to dry I scan through emails. When I plan a trip I think ahead to that time off and plan work around it, both before and after. While I'm gone, I'm in the moment.

Today I have been at the computer most of the day, and printing almost the whole time. I had three separate art layouts for hotel model rooms to put together for the designer's approval. It's mostly photography so I made prints. Then I printed some marketing materials. I put together a series of photos documenting the carving, moldmaking and casting process. And I printed out the three section layout of the 22 pc installation that I have designed. Busy day, and the printer is still cranking.

I should have a tracking system, but once I'm paid for the originals commissioned for a hotel model room I put the project out of my mind. It's usually a long lead time between model room and purchase orders. And I don't necessarily get a PO just because I did model room. Sometimes the owners don't like it and they change it up and the order goes to someone else.

In case anybody has an idea that I am successful with everything I present, let me tell you it ain't so. Got a really big rejection this week. The second design for the cast piece was completely wrong, according to the hotel owner. I wish I could get a handle on what they are looking for, because I don't see a connection between their very thorough criticism and the sketch itself. I better have a lightning bolt of an idea soon!

I know it's Easter Weekend, but I'm being blasphemous and working the whole time. Some in the studio, some at my desk, and some in my flowerbeds! My poor poppies have been valiantly blooming, but since they've lived here they have had to endure several freezes, high winds, and this week's 7" gully washer. They're still blooming, but they're beat up. I'm going to give them some neighbors and plant begonias around them.


Anonymous said...

You can post your hotel room art at my site.
hotelroomphotos dot com

Bobbi A. Chukran, Author said...

Flowers, that's the ticket!

Happy spring (almost), Robin!

bobbi c.