Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hybrid Photography

I admit that I am not a purist in any artistic endeavor. I use multiple mediums, separately and in unconventional combinations. At least at this point in my career I mostly know the "rules" and consciously break them in ways that still allow the resulting artwork to maintain its technical integrity. Meaning it won't fall apart over time.

As someone with a short attention span and a home studio, I constantly track back and forth between the studio and the computer (with a stop at the kitchen in between!). More and more I am spending design time at the computer instead of sketch book. I need a more comfortable chair.

Since photography is a hot design trend right now I've been working to get more images online. I want to keep this gallery more traditional and expected. I want my crazy digital designs to stay on my own hard drive, and sent out for concepts for specific projects. It's too easy to steal digital imagery, and I'd like to have a line that really is my own.

I've been tagged by Judy Vars. Following her instructions:

"...all their wonders, were an extension of the PCs and modems already in use -- AOL had trained millions to use email, and word processors were popular applications on those computers." From "the myths of innovation" by Scott Berkun. I have that book on my desk because (1) it's a good book and (2) he used a photo of mine as illustration in it.

Otherwise, I don't see the point of this "tag" -- and I don't think I'll be passing it on. Sorry, Judy.


Mary Richmond said...

always fun to stop by and see what you're up to! great images, as always!

Martha Marshall said...

I'm also enjoying more time creating on the computer. Saves fingernails and clothes! Cool zebras!

Walker said...

Thanks Mary!
And thanks Martha!