Monday, January 07, 2008

My New Year

Today is my birthday, and with the way it's situated in holiday season it feels like the real beginning of every new year to me. This year it's on a Monday, even better!

The image above is a "digital painting" created from a photograph. It's a little hard to see the brush strokes in the small web version, but the original size looks great. It was fun to do, and I submitted it for model room for the new Ritz-Carlton project I've been working on.

I delivered the Pensacola job today, and the gallery had a sign on the locked door that they were closed for a meeting. I pulled out my cell phone and found out that everyone was there but deathly ill from a virulent bug. I left the art at the door and watched from a distance as someone came out to collect it. I sure don't want to share that microorganism.

So I'm laying out more canvas for the next three paintings of abstracted landscapes. Don't have much energy for painting today, so I'm thinking I'll clean out a kitchen cabinet to make room for some of my new kitchen equipment that Santa brought me!

Inspiration of the Day: new beginnings


Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

Happy Birthday Robin!

Walker said...

Thanks Joanie - it was a good one!

MMComstock said...

Hi Robin--glad you had a good birthday!

When you say (and in quotation marks) a digital painting from a photo, do you mean you digitally manipulated the photo on your computer, or do you mean that, using the photo as a reference, you digitally painted the picture from scratch? Or do you mean something else entirely!

Looking forward to learning here.


CMC said...

Happy Birthday Robin...........

Walker said...


Walker said...

Margot - in this instance "digital painting" refers to a piece of artwork created on a computer based on a photograph, not from scratch. R

shea holliman said...

Happy, belated birthday.
I love how you digitized this image. I like the blue. Blue beginnings into the alpha and omega circle.