Friday, December 14, 2007

Working in the Rain

It's typical winter weather in Dallas. One beautiful 65 degree day and five days of rain and forty degrees. I'm having trouble with the resin, I'm late on my deadline and my client is unhappy. I sent her a list of everything I have done on the boxes each day since I started. Today I sent a "resin report", and will do so everyday until I deliver. The weather is not my fault. I did, however, go to Home Depot and buy two new heaters to place under the tables where I am working. That should help warm things up and dry out the air a little.

Yesterday was "art emergency" day. A client had forgotten to send me a purchase order for some photography. The framer went looking, and there's nothing to frame. Backtracking led them to the unsent email. Lucky for them I was in town and could drop everything else and print five large photos at the very last minute.

I'm almost finished with the six photo paintings for my West Coast rep, will be able to ship on Monday. The weather has interfered with that process, too - nothing will dry!

I got a call from an art consultant in the town where my father lives, Harlingen, TX. What a surprise to know that there are commercial designers down there. Seems there's a project at the airport where they are interested in commissioning my work.

Christmas is coming, presents are wrapped, the air smells like gingerbread (scented candles), and I'm taking off early tonight to put on my flannel jammies and snuggle on the couch (maybe with a dog). Rain makes me feel that way.


Anonymous said...

I like to check in with your blog on Friday after the week's official work is over and I can just do art for 2 an 1/2 glorious days.

I always find inspiration here and I am amazed at how productive you are! How do you managed to get so much done? Are there 2 of you? Do you not sleep? Won't you tell us how you get it all done.

Walker said...

well Abbie - this is my job. I don't have to go off to the office everyday, I am in my studio. So it may seem like I accomplish a lot, but that's because paint every day. Weekends, too, mostly. I'm glad you are inspired! R