Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa Came to My House

I've done really well staying out of the studio. I am getting a little crazy now, so maybe it's time for another movie! Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we went to the Imax and saw "I Am Legend". GREAT get-away-from-it-all flick. Scary, too!

Last night we drove around neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. One of my dogs has a "light" fetish and the blinkies made her a little nuts since we had the windows down to get the full effect. And full is what it was, full orange moon rising slowly over sparkling lights - truly special. So that's what replaced my stroll down Canyon Rd in Santa Fe this year.

Santa listened to what I've been saying about creative cooking, and supplied me with a great assortment of kitchen utensils, including an apple corer I really wanted, and two new knives. I know most people wouldn't be thrilled to get kitchen equipment for Christmas, but I have a new plan to learn how to cook gourmet, and these are the things I really wanted -- including the set of white square dishes. Perfect!

And I'm sitting here all cozy in my new cashmere sweater (can you ever have too many?) and fuzzy pink socks.

Tomorrow I am NOT going shopping, but piling up the family in the car and taking a road trip, slobbery dogs and all. I'll take my camera, but I'm looking at it more as a vacation than a photo shoot. Time to get away from it all.

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fleeboy said...

your enjoyment of life is so purdy. savor these days.