Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Artwork and Weather

I have an order for two big resin boxes. This is a process best done in summer. I normally use the back room of my studio for this, and open the windows. Can't do that now with temperatures in the thirties and a wintry mix knocking the rest of the leaves off the trees. I've plugged in a portable heater in there, it might be warm enough by tomorrow to start pouring resin. Brrrr!

Instead of trying that today I am putting together a proposal for a hotel resort project in Lake Tahoe. I have been there, though not in many years. I'll have to google and see what the area looks like.

And I'm working on an order for my West Coast rep, hope to finish that up this week.

I've heard from my client at Texas Clinic -- not with any comments about the installation (alas) but with a request for pricing to paint additional "Texas Roundup" paintings in different sizes for people who have seen the original installed at the clinic. I guess it's the most popular piece.


Annette Bush said...

More good stuff happening for you! The Texas Roundup pieces will be fun to do and let you try some new combinations.

The networking you are doing sounds good, too. I suspect the others will benefit more than you!

Walker said...

Annette, as far as networking goes, you're my hero.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see what a proposal looks like, if you dont mind sharing.