Saturday, December 08, 2007

Artist's Communities

When I was in Berkeley last week I was moaning about how I didn't have an artist community to belong to in my hometown of Dallas. When my phone rang at 6:30 last night, it was Linda Rowe, one of my former partners in Artist's Showplace. They were having their five year anniversary party, and she wanted to invite me. I was there within thirty minutes. At the end of the two hours I remembered what I had missed most about leaving the co-op gallery. My artist friends! It was a delight to reconnect with the others who were there in the beginning of an optimistic effort to establish a retail gallery in a north Dallas neighborhood. We worked so hard! It's paying off now, as the present partners were happy to tell me.

I don't regret leaving, because owning a retail gallery and all that that entails was really not part of my business model. But I tried. I did it, I gave it my all, and I decided it wasn't for me. More power to all those wonderful artists who are continuing to make it a success.

I got a nice big purchase order on Friday, so it's back to work for me, just what I like. I'm actually in the studio today, finishing up a commission for a photo painting. And I'm doing some internet research on a new process I want to try. I'm always up for a challenge dontcha know!

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