Friday, October 05, 2007

Setbacks and Opportunities

Digital Composite - two layers, one a photo of a painted background, the other a beach photo.

My plans to have a design of my making plasma cut into steel have been thrown a curve. I got a couple of price quotes. Whoa! The piece is big (36 x 36) but still. So that gave me another opportunity to be creative, and now I think I'll be carving the darn thing out of balsa foam or something similar. Don't even have the design approved yet, so at least I won't be slaving over it this weekend.

Instead of doing that, I'll be creating illustrations of sea creatures. See? I never say no to an unusual project.

When I should have been working on that this afternoon I've been making digital composites of paintings and photos. What fun!

I delivered the balance of a purchase order today, so once again my studio is clean waiting for the next thing. Since I picked up a check today, I splurged and bought six colorful pairs of reading glasses. Big splurge, huh. I was reminded of my artist friend Annette who layers her glasses if she needs more magnification, and I selected several strengths.

Ahhh - Friday afternoon and no weekend stress. What a great feeling!


Annette Bush said...

Hey, Robin.
the balsa foam should be good for an indoor application and might give you more creative control. I discovered last year that the letters on the front of one of our old fire stations were foam and paint and held up well--even outdoors.

Sometimes even with BIG projects, you need to read the fine print. Two pairs of reading glasses work better than bifocals for me!

Martha Marshall said...

Hey thanks for the tip on the glasses! A local friend has a whole basketful of glasses that he keeps near the computer.

CMC said...

Hey....I didn't know that about your glasses, Annette. I have several strengths around. The less strong are sometimes good for the computer and the stronger for actually reading for a long time.

Annette Bush said...

Now girls. You are artists! You know ya' just do what works!

Mary Richmond said...

You are one busy lady! I love this composite and can't wait to see what you do with the botanicals and sea creatures.

Walker said...

The digital composite is an idea that I'm exploring for a project I'm working on. It's been really fun so far.