Monday, October 29, 2007

Get the Party Started

Last week I had a sad realization that I have sacrificed social interaction for my work. I have to call all this art-making "work" since that's how I make a living. It's my job. But in my quest for success and achievement I have completely ignored all the things that combine to create a balanced life. Mine is decidedly unbalanced.

I used to travel more. Lately I have not wanted to turn down jobs in order to leave town. I badly need to take a trip down to see my Dad, but I haven't been able to schedule even a day away with all the projects I've had going on.

It's all winding down now. I took the last batch of images for Texas Clinic to the framer today. I delivered the last originals for the huge resort project for model room. I went to the mold makers -- and the casting came out GREAT! My part is over. My client will work with the mold makers now, directing the casting and painting.

Today I'm finishing up the last originals for Texas Clinic, cleaning my studio, washing my brushes, and invoicing!

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CMC said...

Hey could always come to Chicago on the 10th-11th for the show there and meet up with Elin, Dave and myself.

Whatever way...have a good time off!