Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crisis Management

Photo/Painting digital composite, Country Road in East Texas

Yesterday was manic. Early morning my client called and asked for imagery for a specific project. She explained it to me a bit, and then emailed the colorboards. I put in on the back burner since I was creating large photo composites and printing on canvas for Texas Clinic. Since they were big files, my hard drive was struggling and I really just had to let it process alone.

In the meantime I started a new painting, again for Texas Clinic. Then my doorbell rang and my new bed was delivered. I was so tired of sleeping in the hole in my old mattress. It was just worn out. I was totally embarrassed to see where my black cat has been sleeping. Under my bed. It looked like a sweater on the floor. I vacuumed and vacuumed and told myself the delivery guys had probably seen worse. I was reminded of a friend I helped move one time who discovered the skeleton of a cat she thought had run away. ugh

Then I got a panicked phone call from my client telling me that her internet connection was down, so she couldn't receive the images I had sent her. What she didn't know was that I hadn't sent her a thing. A second panicked phone call later I was told that if she didn't submit for this project before 5:00 they were taking it elsewhere. Well that fired me up, and I spent another couple hours going through paintings and photos and sending off appropriate imagery. Thank goodness her internet came back. We both met the deadline, but whew!

Today I'm back to printing canvases. Tomorrow it's back to the framers with another batch.

The new bed is great!

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