Monday, August 13, 2007

Puttin' on the Ritz

Who knew that a couple of pieces of art in the Dallas Ritz-Carlton could create so much interest? I was contacted yesterday (Sunday!) by someone who is writing a book about Ritz-Carlton and wondered if I could do a phone interview on my experience working with the Ritz people. Last week there was an article in the Dallas Observer blog about me and hotel art. It was a nice plug, but I only knew about it because I have Google alerts set up to notify me when my name is mentioned online.

I'm still getting organized. I discovered yesterday how expensive dis-organization can be. I sent boxes of inkjet paper to recycle. I didn't know that it yellows when exposed to light. I bought stackable units with drawers and labeled them all so now I have a safe storage place for that pricey paper. Plus I can immediately put my hands on what I need.

And since a large part of my art creation involves sitting in front of my computer, I bought a new monitor - not to replace my Cintiq, but in addition to it. Now I can drag windows and images from one monitor to the next and it provides me ample space to keep things in front of me when I am creating digital paintings. Very efficient.


Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

There was an article in the NY Times about the Dallas Ritz opening too. Looked for your name, but it was just a short blurb .. the good news though is that there's a big buzz about the hotel!

Annette Bush said...

Nice article. Good spotlight on you. Better response from you. Love it.