Thursday, July 05, 2007

An Off Day

It was bound to happen. Not every day can be spectacular. Today I've had a run of bad luck.

I'm having trouble with a print job. Repeated paper jams, after the image has completely printed. I've thrown away 9 images today because they got stuck in the printer and ripped. These are big - 23 x 23 - full color, so we're talking $$. Ouch!

Every time the printer jammed I had to reboot my computer to clear the print spool. My computer doesn't want to shut down and restart anymore. Several times it just refused. I got very nervous.

I've called a computer repair place who does office calls. I think I'm going to have to do three things. 1. Reload Windows on my old computer. 2. Get a new computer. 3. Get a new printer.

My Epson 9600 is five years old and it's well used. New 9800's came out last year, and I think it's finally time to upgrade. Epson is offering nice rebates right now, almost $1000, which really makes it attractive.

So what else went wrong today? Since my images didn't print right I had to hand trim several of them, and sliced off a piece of of my left index finger with a razor blade. Why did I use a razor blade? I always do - nothing unusual about that.

What else?

My client called (about 10 times today) looking for photos that I don't really have. I didn't have time to do much of a search, because I've been rebooting most of the day. So that's a job that's passed me by.

I also didn't have time to reply back to three other things they asked me for.


Tomorrow will be better.


CMC said...

ouch, yikes.....try to go take a nap. Yeah, I know, you can't.

Annette Bush said...

Some days are like that. . . Last week, I ripped off a toenail -- to the root. I couldn't walk very well. Then I woke up with vertigo and couldn't get out of bed. Walking was no longer the problem.
We'll have a better day tomorrow for sure!

wish4peace said...

Being a "retired" graphics art director, may I suggest that you buy what we call a "RIP" it is I guess a computer that talks between your computer and the printer. Talk to either your Epson rep about it. With all the printing that I use to do with 5 artists all working at once, the computer spools to the "rip" and then it handles the print jobs so that you don't have to keep rebooting your computer.


Walker said...

Annette - ouch!!! Hope your toe is better. I'm trying to grow new skin on my finger.
"Wish" - yes, I looked into a RIP, and the consensus from various sources is that I don't need one with the type of printing I do. Thanks for the advice, though!