Saturday, June 23, 2007

Working Weekends

I don't have the luxury of days off right now. After completing the Art Placement and Budget for Texas Clinic, I am doing the physical layout of the project on the floor plans. Everybody likes a visual. This way the owner can clearly see the original concept of 15 pcs and the new one of 79 pcs! Yes, quite a difference.

I have broken the budget into thirds, 25% due with budget approval, 25% with art approval, and 50% on delivery. Believe me, I need every minute of the next 3 1/2 months to complete this project. No summer vacation or artist residency for me this summer. In all honesty, I much prefer a four month period of constant painting to traveling off to an exotic location trying to think of something meaningful to create. This is better than a residency - I have long walls of public spaces to fill with art!

With Texas Clinic floor plans on the table in the living room as project No.1; I have project No. 2, three more paintings for Mercury Grill, with three layers of gesso hanging to dry; and No. 3, three photo paintings for the Worthington hotel also in progress. Here at the computer is project No. 4, 10 photographs to print for the Worthington, and project No. 5, the digital creation of image #2 for the golf resort, now that the first image has been approved.

Oh, and I have to have something ready soon - a concept at least!- for my solo show in October.

Maybe I'll take November off.

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