Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Changing the Schedule

I had agreed to housesit in Berkeley for three weeks starting in July. The dates changed, and I have a prior family commitment to be in Pennsylvania the last weekend in July. I still checked airfares trying to figure out how I could do it all.

Then a group of new commissions landed in the studio, and I've given up my creative planning. I just can't go to Berkeley.

Instead, I am working on new creative projects. One triptych is a blended color wash across all three canvases, and will have skinny long stemmed leaves stenciled on as the last design element.

Another triptych (a series of 24" boxes) is a random patterned minimal abstract from one of those paintings I did in my "white" phase.

The next three paintings are for the Mercury Grill, and will be a continuation of the 12 paintings I already have installed there.

Then there are three large photo paintings, not like the ones I've done lately, but an earlier version. There's a series of 10 photographs for this project, also. All this for a large hotel in downtown Ft Worth, TX.

AND there's more!

A 40" sq abstract minimalist painting on a box, silver leafed.

I'm still working on the two digital paintings for the golf resort.

I'm reworking the art placement and budget for Texas Clinic.

Have to make decisions for my solo show in October which will consist of 13 paintings.

See why I can't go to Berkeley?


CMC said...

good gosh.....do you have time to breathe?

Walker said...

not right now -- but after this is over always comes the lull, you know!

Anonymous said...

being blessed with too much work sounds like the perfect reason for not being able to housesit-you continue to manifest great things- very proud of you- guess you'll have all these finished in a couple of wks D

Martha Marshall said...

Whew! I gotta sit down just thinking about it. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great that you can have the time to do it all! I hardly ever have enough time to get on with anything I enjoy! But just yesterday I spent the day in a field sketching...a first for me but I enjoyed it very much! You are so lucky to have Art as your job!!!

Walker said...

yes, and I'm lucky I'm not punching a time clock, too!