Thursday, May 03, 2007

Think Spa

The pale blue green tints that came into vogue several years ago are now the hottest colors. A recent order from my West Coast rep said "think spa". To me that describes white-lightened shades of turquoise, glass green, and sky.

Those are the colors I'm using for the current series of photo paintings, one of which is shown above. The photo was taken in Florida, south of Miami in the Keys.


Steven LaRose said...

Thanks for keeping me in the ranks Robin.

Best point ever, but hardest to instill is the "painting = better painting".

Here in So. Oregon "Celadon Green" seems to be the color of choice. Not unlike its blue counterpart, it is a bit gray, transluscent, and with a hum of lavendar.

The blog looks great, nice banner. I wish they made the "labels" a collapsable window like the archive.

Walker said...

Steven, some of the photo paintings were the color you are describing. My rep on the West Coast is in San Jose, and he's the one that suggested the color palette. Otherwise, it's hard to know what's popular in another area of the country.