Friday, May 04, 2007

No Delivery Today

I shipped my paintings home from Mendocino, and expected to receive them today - but no delivery. I guess Monday will be soon enough to take them down to the Design District and show them to my client. They've already seen the photos, and have sent them off for projects. All in all from my current perspective the Burridge workshop was good for me.

I've started an experimental project. I know this will undoubtedly sound "crafty", but I've just soaked a National Geographic in CitraSolve. It's something that came from the workshop. The orange oil cleaner reacts with the soy dyes and clay paper, creating some interesting patterns. I happened to have both things in the house at the same time, so I couldn't resist trying it. As always, I'll report back.

Sent off a shipment to my West Coast rep, Capstone Art. He had to wait longer than usual since I had the trip to Mendocino. I'm really happy with the photo paintings I sent out. Nice spa colors, and ocean photographs.


Anonymous said...

I love the updated blog site and reallllly love the spa series-makes me want to get a massage and spend the day relaxing in luxury. Keep up the good work-as usual never anything dull about you D

Walker said...

thanks for the nice compliment - a spa day sounds great!

Bobbi A. Chukran, Author said...

Be careful with the Citrasolv stuff, Robin. A lot of people are allergic to it, and it's a very powerful substance, even if it is natural!

bobbi c.

Walker said...

Thanks Bobbi - have already had an adverse reaction.Robin