Monday, May 14, 2007

More Self Discovery

Forest Fern, 8" x 16"
One of the things I learned at the workshop in Mendocino is that my work is (generally) very orderly. I wouldn't have described myself as orderly however. My office area is a wreck, and my studio is the same.

This weekend I continued the purge. I dumped out the contents of any drawer that was too full to open, and started throwing things away. If I forgot I had it, it went in the trash. Did you know that up until fairly recently lots of bank statements and medical bills had your social security number printed right on them? Consequently I have several bags of trash that can't be thrown away. It would take me days to shred using my home machine. I might wait until my bank has another "shred day".

So the point of all this is that since I determined that my work is organized there must be something about me that's organized. I think I have discovered the secret. If I have a place for something I can easily keep it there, and labels help a lot. It's all the things that fall into that grey area, that don't clearly belong in one place or another. Those are the things I have to tackle.

With all the chaos going on around here, it was very soothing to work on the new Spa series. I have fourteen paintings completed and ready to send to my rep, Capstone Art.

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