Friday, March 23, 2007

More Artist's Conversations

I love when I can meet up with artist's friends to talk about our favorite subjects, painting, techniques, galleries, you name it. We covered a lot of that tonight when I had dinner with Nita Leland and Cheryl McClure. We couldn't stop talking, one topic quickly leading to the next. Nita is in town giving a workshop at Artist's Showplace, where I was once part owner. I still don't regret walking away from that (too much work kept me out of the studio) but I do miss the community of friends. It's not far from my house, and I really have no good reason that I haven't kept up with anyone, except that if I'm in town, I'm working.

I did get approval from the mockups I delivered on Tuesday, so that's a go for four 18" x 66" paintings, and eight 18" x 15". They will be installed in sets of three, a small one, the long one, then another small one, to create a long horizontal. And they'll be hung in Mercury Grill, a high end restaurant in North Dallas.

Also got color approval for the 20 small paintings for a spa in San Diego, they will be framed in floater frames and hung together in a grid. A nice periwinkle blue. So that's also a go. Both of these projects have short turn around times, so all of a sudden I'm really busy.

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