Sunday, March 11, 2007

Goodbye to the Mesa

This morning is taken up with last minute chores, washing sheets and towels, doing dishes, vacuuming. I volunteered to feed the horses at the neighbor's down the hill this morning. I love that smell of hay and horses.

I'm looking out every window, burning the images on my mind. I love this area! And I will miss it when I'm back home in Dallas tonight, but right now going home sounds really good.

I have 8-10 pages of sketches I completed last night. So tomorrow will be a day in the studio. Can't wait to be in my own workspace, but I have to admit that the plywood-covered pool table worked really well for me.

The only day I even got my camera out was when there was a rainbow over Pecos. I was less interested in photography when I had so many paintings to work on. I mentioned this to Raya who told me that I just hadn't learned to do both. Thank you Raya!

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