Thursday, March 08, 2007

Art Critiques with Raya and Karen

Generations 6, 20 x 30
I took advantage of Karen's being here and brought out my new paintings for critique. She likes them! I might be on to something.

For her first day here, we did the obvious, picked up Raya, ate out, and went gallery hopping. It doesn't take long to hit overload, and when that happened, we put our feet up at Raya's fabulous studio, and had a cup of tea. The conversation never lagged as we discussed art fairs, galleries, and the art we had seen. We each have different perspectives and weren't shy about sharing our opinions!

It's another gorgeous day in northern New Mexico, and we're staying home to have a peaceful art day. Karen will be sketching, and I'll be finishing my last painting in the Generations series.


Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by your nostalgic backgrounds. It is very fitting for a series entitled "Generations".

Anonymous said...

Very lovely paintings--and what an inspiring place to go paint. I went to northern New Mexico a few years and long to go back to paint...nice to have a network of friends there, too

Anonymous said...

I like this new series. They have an air of innocence - charm.
Suzanne G in NC
~where it is cool &
the tulip trees are blooming

Walker said...

what wonderful comments for a series of paintings I wasn't sure about... thanks! R