Friday, February 02, 2007

Back to Color

Abstracted Landscape, 14" x 32" on canvas
I had to take a break from all that white (more snow in Dallas overnight!) and go for some color. I would call this a "hotel" room palette, very popular with Marriott. It was just something to do with some leftover canvas and a block of time. I've had several calls for abstracted landscapes recently.

My client for the large swirly abstract loves the painting and approved it for her project (Omni hotel corp), so I'm happy about that. It's varnished now, and will be delivered on Monday.

This weekend will be spent in a workshop exploring encaustics. I'm looking forward to that. Not only is it good to learn new materials and techniques, but also nice to interact with other local artists.


CMC said...

you know what that looks like to me.....that hill behind the house at Cat'Art......with all the trees and the planes. I had it just in my mind (not with those colors) but somewhat of that design....way back when we were there. One of these days it will appear to me in a painting like it did for you.

Joyce said...

When this painting appeared on my computer screen, it scrolled down slowly from the top to the bottom. I said, Boy, is that nice; wow, there's more; then, this is lovely and, finally, that's some painting! Such inspiration.

Martha Marshall said...

I'll be looking forward to your encaustic workshop report! I'm jealous.

Walker said...

Cheryl -
You're right! Now that you've pointed it out - it's the view from the living room window in France.