Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Dolly, today's studio helper. She's naturally nosy and came to see what I was doing with the power sander.
Now that I'm back in the studio with too many projects I realized that in my funk I had forgotten one of the most important things about my paintings. My mantra! The chant that I perform before adding paint to canvas. Sometimes I write it on the canvas itself. I can't believe I forgot!

"God in me is my ability to prosper and to do good. And so it is."

I change it from time to time, but the message stays the same. When I thought of it this morning it was good to hear myself laugh. Then with confidence I added the stroke of paint that would make or break the painting. I have sent off an image of it for approval, so we'll see.

I've worked on four mockups today, for a nine foot square painting. I'm not really happy (underwhelmed) with any of them, but again, I've sent off images to my client.

I did one more important thing today -- go get fake fingernails. I had acrylic nails for many years. Last March when I was ready to go to France for the month long residency, I had them removed. Ever since then I have had thin brittle nails that continually split into the nailbed. They hurt and looked terrible. So I went back to see Henry today, and now have nice strong nails. Nothing fancy, just normal.

This afternoon I am sorting through my camera equipment in preparation for the weekend in Washington. There's a fine line between taking too much and not taking what you need. I never can figure it out, but I'm getting better. I bought two new 4gb cards so memory won't be an issue this trip.


emily dg said...

oh!Good mantra!Love it!

Anonymous said...

thats the most gorgeous dog i have ever seen in my life- good taste on your part-she certainly looks like a very intelligent,obidient,loyal animal- you are so lucky

CMC said...

Have a good trip, Robin. I'm here in Dallas right now myself running around to a few galleries and just having a nice time ...although I would wish for sunshine.

Unknown said...

'bout time you put one of the beauties on your site...when does Dempsey get his turn. Get one of them will Dolly and the tennis ball tease.