Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Appreciating Texture

Columns in the National Cathedral, Washington DC
In Washington last weekend most of my time was spent with my camera around my neck. It's really too heavy to carry around like that, but I only had a few days and didn't want to miss anything. One benefit to that is that my level of awareness is increased so that I notice the beauty of ordinary objects. The above photo is of stone columns in the National Cathedral, taken from the balcony. They are color-washed by light fromthe stained glass windows.

Crushed roses in the street
Another kind of texture that caught my eye -- crushed roses. I liked the play of hot pink against the wet gray asphalt.

In the museums I was mesmerized by Jasper John's encaustics, each stroke thick with light and shadow. Same with Ryland's white paintings, rich oil paint liberally applied.

Today I am in the studio, working on the painting above. It's for corporate offices of a international hotel company, for the vice president's office. The background is a redwood color, the swirls are metallic in various shades. I'm waiting for approval from the designer now.


andrea said...

Do you work on unstretched canvas then only stretch it once you're done?

Walker said...

I don't even stretch it unless my client asks me to. Usually I will just roll it up and deliver it that way.