Friday, January 19, 2007

Another White Day

"The Language of Loss, #2"
I am fascinated to distraction with my current white paintings. The newest one is above, but there are many more in my head. I have commissions to work on, so my fingers are busy doing that, but my mind is on white. I showed the one above to my gallery, but it wasn't well received. Her clients are mostly hotels which are looking to add a punch of color. There's nothing punchy about this series. It's subtle, and that's the point. When asked what this series was about, I answered instantly, although I hadn't articulated it even to myself. These paintings are about loss.

The latest Harrah's deal fell through, but to replace that is a new project for a hotel in Florida, one that I quoted last year at this time. There are nine paintings.

And I quoted another project yesterday, for a series of 21 paintings all hung together in a grid. I'm still in love with grids, so I hope that project gets the go ahead.

Next week I'm taking a last minute trip to Washington DC on a photo shoot. My friend and fellow photographer Nancy will be there for a conference. She invited me to stay with her in a cool hotel near the Capital building. While she is busy in meetings, I'll be out with my camera. Our plan is to get out in the evening and take some arty night shots of the memorials. Last year when I went to Washington the weather didn't cooperate - there was a blizzard. I know it will be cold, but I hope there's no snow. I've seen enough of that this winter.

I've participated in Artist Residency programs for the past five years. This year I'm taking workshops instead. I am scheduled to attend a painting workshop in Mendocino in April, and an intense photography workshop with Moose Peterson on the Oregon coast in June. Hopefully the June event will correspond nicely with another housesitting gig in San Francisco the same month.


Karen Jacobs said...

I'm also seeing an influence of Johnnie Winona Ross in there... and considering the time you spend in Santa Fe, not surprising. They are beautiful and since decorators are pushing boldly painted walls, they'll find homes easily.

Walker said...

Hey! That's not fair! Everytime I do something "original" I hear from someone that it's not. sigh

Anonymous said...

As King Solomon said, there's nothing new under the sun, and it's even more true now, what with 6.5+ billion people on the planet.

It doesn't really matter, though, if someone sees similarities between your work and that of another artist. You're an original, and your work is unique to you, similarities to others or no.

I like the white paintings, Robin. The two I've seen are very expressive. I have my ideas about meaning, which may or may not correspond to yours, but I definitely see the loss in them that you mentioned.

Allison B

Karen Jacobs said...

I recently read an article which mentioned that Ross is often compared to Agnes Martin and how he must be tired of hearing the comparison. We all get juiced when we see something we like... and can't help it when we have to try it on for size, sometimes without even being aware. Usually, we alter the idea to suit our own needs which makes it our own. KJ

Dean H. said...

Love your white paintings. Unique in my eyes. Good luck on your projects,and I hope the snow co-operates with you in Washington.


Rebecca Crowell said...

I really like this painting. It is subtle and poetic...I think you would see in different ways at different times. It does eem to be expressive of emptiness or loss, in a kind of quiet, meditative, accepting way.