Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mountains of Mail

Instead of unpacking my suitcase, I have painted 12 commissioned photo paintings over the weekend. Thank goodness I came home with clean clothes!

Also put up the Christmas tree, decorated the yard, answered all my email, and pulled the checks out of the mountain of snail mail stacked up on my desk. I only have two more days at home, then I'm off to Art Basel in Miami with ten (?) artist friends. Can't just take the same clothes to Miami - big weather difference between there and Santa Fe. My friend Nancy said she'll probably be wearing shorts. That makes me shiver, sitting here at my desk in Dallas in two layers of clothes and some woolly boots.

I didn't even tell my clients this time, since I just got home. I did check in with them to see if there were any tight deadlines, so I'm clear.

Tomorrow I will clean up those 12 paintings, and get them ready to ship. Also have a three piece oversize commission for that same client on the West coast, but it will have to wait.

Whew! Very busy weekend, just like I like it!


Martha Marshall said...

Hey Robin, it's turning a little cooler here. Supposed to be in the 40s one night this week in Tampa. Still, it could be hot again overnight. Gotta check the weather every day from this point on.

CMC said... was only 27 here this morning and those upper 70's for downer, rain is forecast every day it seems in the long range forecast.