Sunday, December 24, 2006

Blue Skies Blue Snow

just before dawn
Tourists have overtaken the endlessly charming town of Santa Fe. From the ice sculpture in the downtown square to farolitas lining stucco walls, there's something around every corner to enchant.

I am writing this from the cozy confines of a brand new house in the town of Pecos. We're housesitting in a new place, a little closer to Santa Fe this time, and within walking distance of a store. Much different from the off-miles-of-dirt-road places we usually stay.

From the kitchen table is the view above, plus Christmas decorations on the highway running through town. Festive! I am seduced by the smell of bacon, and a steaming cup of specialty coffee from Trader Joes.

Tonight we will join thousands of others in the traditional Farolita Walk through the Acequia Madre neighborhood, down Canyon Road where galleries will be serving hot cider and mulled wine, and bundled up groups of carolers will cluster around small fires of pinion in the streets.

This is the life!

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Chris Ousley said...

This picture makes me want a cup of hot coffee. Brrrr. Good shot!