Sunday, November 05, 2006

Barely There

When I created the Pathways series recently I thought that was about as minimal as I was likely to get. Until I got a purchase order for 4 abstracts one of which is shown above. Granted the images above is not complete. I am doing my best to at least include a little depth in the field of color. So the middle color started with that tan, got a layer of a cooler grey topped off with a creamy ivory. The orange is basically, well, orange.

It's a very warm palette, the next one in the series is only two colors, half will be that creamy color, the other half is "paprika", more commonly called "rust". And that's it.

Stretcher bars are piling up in the studio, Ken just dropped off three more. And they aren't even for the current canvases....I need to get busy!

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