Sunday, November 19, 2006

About Housesitting

I housesit for various people all over the world. It's perfect for me since (1) I love to travel and (2) I'm responsible. I stay for two weeks or a month, and then I go home to my own little nest. It has exposed me to household things I may never have encountered. And sometimes it has allowed me to be a hero when I knew a solution to something a homeowner struggled with. Of course it always has it's challenges.

This housesitting gig has been perfect so far. Of course I had my friend Janet here pitching in with chores, and that really was a big help. And since she was here I went places I always enjoy but sometimes skip, so that was nice, too. I sent her off this afternoon, and I'm home alone with cats and horses, out in the country 25 miles from Santa Fe at Rowe mesa.

I've been gone from home long enough now that I'm starting to get some creative juices bubbling up again. I bought a notebook to keep track of the interesting ideas that are making their way to the surface. Whether or not they become "art" remains to be seen.

For right now, I have flowers blooming in my mind.

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