Monday, October 16, 2006

Throwing Art Away

Sometime ago I did the above painting in the "photo panel" series. It never sold because it is just too sweet for my market. Too pink! So, I decided to make it more marketable by painting over the top flowers, and reprinting with a close up of a fall leaf. Sounds easy, right?

It was not. I could not get the registration right. Finally I printed it anyway, and painted a green stripe at the top where the print did not line up. I gessoed. It smeared. I painted. It smeared. The line kept getting wider and wider.

I had paint on both hands, took another look at that painting, and wadded it up in a ball and threw it in the trash. I can paint another one easier than I could fix that one painted line.


garyb50 said...

You think I didn't notice that pink comment?


farley said...

You've got some really great work!

Your story reminds me of my high school art instructor, Roger Allen, who would do an incredible drawing during class, then crumple it up and throw it away. We would all freak out and gasp. There was just something in it he didn't like. UGH!

It taught us all to keep with the motive of our art–just as you have done here. If it's not up to our satisfaction, don't put it out there.

Thanks for sharing your work!

Walker said...

Gary - I know you're on top of any mention of pink!

Farley - thanks so much for your comments!