Friday, October 20, 2006

Speed Painting

I'm working on assorted commissions while planning several trips. I leave tomorrow for five days in Florida, a family visit. I have a short deadline for a couple of projects, so I've been working full speed today. I have five of the Reasons series going all at once.

Also just finished a painted resin sample for the Cohen Cancer center project, and hope it cures by tomorrow so I can send it by Fedex.

Printed some photography for a project in Mexico, and there are several paintings in that project I can't get to until next week.

In between all that I've been looking for cheap airfare to Miami. My good artist friend Nancy has almost talked me into attending Art Basel in December. I hesitated because it's so soon after my two weeks in Santa Fe, but hey, it's just for a few days. And I've never been to Miami.

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