Friday, September 15, 2006

Website Marketing

We all know that the internet has replaced all other forms of advertising as a way to market products and services. I rarely advertise in any way other than keeping my website updated, and this blog, of course.

Last year I posted a link to my website on an online interior design magazine. It was free and I haven't given it much thought until yesterday, when I got a call from a local architecture firm who had seen the listing. And today I received a call from a designer in NYC working on a large cancer center in New Jersey. She looked at my website and found exactly what she was looking for, and asked if I could come up to NY. I always grab any chance to go to the city, but I think I'll wait until I receive the package of specifications before I book a ticket.

Bottom line, interior designers are looking for art. Gotta get my name out there.

1 comment:

yanook said...

Yes i agree and they have connection with folks that have the funds to buy art.

Well for a good price.

So artist son't starve at it.

Great news!

Nice work! I like!