Friday, September 15, 2006

Something You Can't Teach

I'm spending Thanksgiving in Santa Fe again this year, and since I'll be there for more than two weeks I searched through to find a photography or painting workshop during that time. In the search I came upon the photography of Leslie Bryn Alsheimer . This kind of talent can't be taught. I'm sure she's well educated in the technical aspects of photography and post processing in Photoshop, but where she shines is in her unique viewpoint. Literally.

Still painting in the studio, have new commissions that arrived yesterday, so I'm happy about that. My work schedule has not been so frenetic lately, and I'm glad. Weekends are starting to be actual breaks instead of just more workdays. It's almost cool enough to get out in the yard again, and I'm planning new garden arrangements. Artwork for the yard!

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