Thursday, September 07, 2006

September is the New January

As things get cranking for the fall season, hotel companies are scrambling to spend their budgets before the end of the year, art and craft fairs are filling local parks, and the general public starts thinking of Christmas gifts. I know - it's still summer to lots of us, but let's face it, time marches on.

Don't you hate it when you have a boomerang painting? I had three paintings returned to me yesterday. I've never worked so hard on seven paintings. I designed them way back in March, before my trip to France. I've redesigned and redesigned, until I was very nearly sick of them. Was so glad to get them painted and out of the studio, and an invoice submitted. So I had trouble understanding what the problem was when my client called. These are grid paintings, very popular with clients who like to contribute to the design process. These particular ones had photographs of various buildings, supplied by the client. I have done this plenty of times, and I always collage the photos to the painted panels. But this time she wanted them painted. Had I known that in the beginning I would have adjusted my prices. Now I'm stuck, because she said she told me, and I don't think so, but what can I do?

Bottom line, I sanded the edges of the collaged photos and am painting over them. I'll take a picture when I'm done.


Karen Jacobs said...

Hey! Great new blog look! Categories and all ;-) When do you find the time to decorate your blog? And yes, I don know about boomerang paintings. Nearly all commission work runs that risk. I was never one to insist on non-refundable deposits and such.

Martha Marshall said...

Rats! Yes I do hate that. Or how about Freddy Krueger projects!!!

Annette Bush said...

Awful, Robin. I hate it when a client begins to ask for more and more additional stuff. And I wonder why they think they can get away with saying, "but, I told you . . ." We're not sutpid. I actually quit working with one because evry painting required more. I haven't missed his money since I had more time to work with other folks.

I like the new look, too.

garyb50 said...

I take it shooting her is out of the question???

It's called 'pre-emptive,' which I'm pretty sure GWB has made not only legal but mandatory.

ok.... just kidding, I'm sure she's a wonderful human being.