Friday, September 29, 2006

Getting the Big Head

I am not one to brag about my accomplishments, so I was a little nervous about the presentation for Texas Clinic, a new medical facility I am creating lobby art for. The meeting was to introduce specific components of the building to the tenants who will be occupying it. The design firm began the meeting, describing the concept, and all the elements that went into the initial design. They reviewed surfaces, flooring, walls, colors, patterns, lighting, medical instruments, construction elements, and artwork. I was introduced by Henry Brilliant, who really was the star of the show. His description of me far outdid anything I could have said about myself. Yes, I got the big head!

It was a great opportunity to meet people. I rarely get to work with individuals. These are the people who will occupy the space. They want a say in how their offices are decorated. Several asked me if I could help them. Since I was an art consultant before I began painting, I have the experience to do the whole project. Basically that includes a preliminary meeting to walk the space and determine their budget. Next I would submit a proposal based on my own artwork. If I can't satisfy them on my own, I have a world of artist friends to recommend. I can handle all the framing, and installation. Package deal, which is what most people want. It will do me good to get back out in the world.

Got a couple new commissions yesterday, total of almost 20 pcs. Am also working on a restaurant project with resin boxes. I will get to use the fabulous photos I took of fishing nets in France.

Still developing concepts for the cancer center in NY. Have received more info about the light boxes, and I'm playing with resin and plexi combinations.

I have started the tedious process of organizing all my photos and transferring to my new giant hard drive system. Thank goodness I bought a book that is helping me step by step.

I canceled the trip to Denver. Seems an early snow spoiled the fall color. And the hotel I am working with there felt like I had already submitted enough appropriate imagery.

And I'm off for the weekend to my neighbor's lakehouse in East Texas!


Joyce said...

My word, what an interesting life you lead. It just makes me excited reading about it!

Walker said...

yea - I try to keep busy!

Karen Jacobs said...

Anxious to see what you do with those fantastic fishing nets!