Monday, August 07, 2006


I am out in California on my own. It's always more fun to explore new places with a friend, but this is working out okay for me. I have driven to the coast and photographed the beach at sunset, made my way through a redwood forest, and taken the train to "the city" (San Franciso) where I visited the Embarcadero and Chinatown. Got a few interesting shots of chess players at Union Square. Still and all, it would be better to have a buddy to share this with. Preferably another photographer, because I have worn out my friends who are not. They have told me.

Today I'm exploring Berkeley a little more, and then meeting a glass artist this afternoon. David and I used to meet up at stained glass conventions back in the 80s and we haven't seen each other since, should be fun!


Anonymous said...

I hope that's me you are referring to!! Let's see, should that be two efs or two rs. Want to come to Miami in Septemter? we could stay in south beach...hd boutique show.

I am off to New York tomorrow and wish you were with me so there you are! I will take my camera and we'll swap stories soon. Call Damon - I'll email his phone number. I should've thought of it sooner. he's got skype too. Bet he can take you somewhere you haven't thought of. jw.

Anonymous said...

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