Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In the Wilderness

There's no cell service in Yellowstone. By the time we get to the hotel room at night (in West Yellowstone Montana), we're ready to drop. We have barely looked at photos at all, just trusting that there's some good ones. The days are long, and we want to maximize the light, so we're shooting full tilt dawn to dark.

The wildlife comes out at dusk. That's when I've been driving with my camera in my lap so I'll be ready to shoot. The park is heavily populated with herds of buffalo and elk, and we've taken so many shots of those that we barely slow down the car to look at them now. What stops all traffic is bear. This grizzly hung around for at least 10 minutes before rambling off out of sight. We were shooting telephoto with no tripod, so were lucky to get some good images.

We both forgot about the altitude around here, and we're suffering from it. Moving really slow today, but heading south to the Tetons. We'll be staying in a hostel in Teton Village, far away from the commercialism of Jackson, with none of those services, either, so no blog.

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garyb50 said...

I hate to say this, Robin, but that shot is what the 400mm was created for. But it's such a FULL TIME JOB to use it. Even on a tripod I was exhausted after a half hour (and I never got over the fear of something happening to it).

Sounds like you're getting a couple hard drive's worth of stuff. Can't wait to see it.

BTW, the lens is back safely with it's rightful owners.