Sunday, July 30, 2006

Getting It Right

I am working on a mockup (21" x 30") for the first painting of my next project. I'm painting half of the image in order to make sure I have the same visual idea as the client does. Hope so. One big problem, I have such a tiny reference photo that it shows very little detail, and since the object is metal and is defined by reflection colors, it's almost impossible to paint it realistically. Guess that's something I will address tomorrow.


Annette Bush said...

This project sounds interesting -- relecting metal? Hum. Here's where I would get in trouble. I would be thinking of things which would fit in the 'reflections' which might relate to the client -- a bit like Monica's figures in the trees. I would still be working on it while you would be completing your fourth or fifth project. -VGB-

Walker said...

don't give me any ideas Annette! These paintings are so big (seven by ten feet) that there's room to throw in some subliminal messages....hmmmmm