Friday, May 26, 2006

Mechanics of Painting in Series

Photo painting, 12W x 24H
Love that I have been in the studio all day. That's normal for me on a long holiday weekend spent alone. And this particular weekend lots of work keeps my mind from wandering. It seems I have developed a not-so-healthy method of dealing with painful emotional issues, I shove them in a back corner of my mind.

Today when scrolling around other blogs, I came upon Keri Smith who wrote something just for me: "breathe into every dark corner". That's what I am practicing this Memorial Day weekend when I could be out flag-waving in a parade celebrating my dear son's sacrifice in a war thousands of miles away from his Texas home. I'm a "Gold Star Mother". What a noble name for a sad group of women who have lost children in military action. For many years I wrote letters to the local paper, and cried, "remember! remember!" I haven't been able to do that in awhile. The current administration has killed whatever patriotism I once nourished.

So it is that I'm keeping my hands busy. And just today I finished six paintings like the one above. The photo on this one was of tiny daisy-like flowers only 1/2" big that blanketed the yard in front of the house in Ste Colombe France. It was a challenge to photograph them. I can still feel the dampness of the grass as I stretched out on my belly with my macro lens. Ah France!

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Annette Bush said...

I spent the holiday in the quiet of my country house. When I cut the grass, I remembered the daisies and dandelions of France. I simply cut around some lovely yellow daisies swaying in the breeze and moved a rare sensitive plant out of range. the lawn is not smooth, but it's mine! As you say. Ah, France!