Sunday, March 19, 2006

Inspiration from a Deadline

As always I am remarkably inspired by a deadline. That's why a rainy Sunday, good for watching movies curled up on the couch with a fire and a dog, finds me in the studio.

I completed two paintings for the Dallas Bar Association membership directory. I will let them choose which one they want to publish. Both are photo paintings, meaning that I painted the background first, then printed my photo on top. Then they are crackled and color rubbed into the cracks. Color bands are added last. Some are crackled. The building is the Belo Mansion, in downtown Dallas, occupied by the Bar Association.

I painted the edges of the FV painting. Got another note from my client telling me that I'm "absolutely the most fabulous and wonderful genius". I think he went a little overboard, but (blush) I like it!

AND, something I have been putting off for months -- I got a third of the way through an online Defensive Driving class. Boy that can put a person to sleep - even if the weather wasn't so conducive.

Studio is clean, brushes washed and put away. Tomorrow I have three meetings. I'll deliver the Bar paintings, and meet with two clients about new projects. I am not accepting any more commissions before I leave for France. I know I will have plenty when I return. That's job security!

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Martha Marshall said...

Yes, deadlines have always been a good thing in my book too! Adrenaline clears out the cobwebs.

I love the crackle on these. Like the top one best I think. Will be interesting which one they choose.