Tuesday, January 10, 2006

First Print Run #2

It worked!. This was the first one - and it came through fine. Except the registration was so off that I had to reformat my master print. And I had to reprint the last 2 squares. On subsequent runs I had several other problems. 1. The printer misread the size of the canvas and printed in the wrong place. 2. The tape came loose during printing and messed up the image. 3. The image was scratched. 4. The inkjet receptor coat was uneven causing an ugly print.

In all these cases I had to sand off the image, re-tape and re-coat with the inkjet chemical. Two coats - so there was a long drying time involved.

I had similar problems when printing the two middle squares. I also had to use a different kind of tape - because I was taping over printed images in some areas, and they are very delicate. After printing, I sprayed two coats of matte sealer.

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Karen Jacobs said...

Awgeeze, girl... that's MAGIC! KJ