Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back in Production

This is a series of 5 grid paintings. Each measures 26 x 46. I created the grid in Photoshop then printed it on each cut canvas, thereby eliminating the possibility of measurement errors and reducing the time I spend on preparation. Each painting will be hung in a hotel suite, so they will be very similar. Normally I would staple them to the wall to paint, but because of the painting process I want to use, it works better on a horizontal surface so they are stapled to my work tables. I've started with a pint of "oops" paint mixed with Golden's molding paste applied with a putty knife for the first coat. But only for these squares, the others will be treated differently.

I also discovered that I am way more creative than I thought. I found this out as millions of excuses ran through my head as I put on work-out clothes and headed for the gym. Had it not been for the commitment I made to my good friend, I would never have made it!

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Martha Marshall said...

It's great to see this work in progress, Robin. Can't wait to see more!