Wednesday, December 07, 2005

SF Experiment #1

When I was in Santa Fe I kept notes of ideas. Since being back it has been difficult to keep that creative energy, but I have completed one project that has good possibilities.

I have developed a process that simulates encaustic. Of course it doesn't have that lovely honey aroma, but it also doesn't require a propane torch. That's how I got in trouble with encaustic in the first place. This substance is flexible and rubbery, which means I can use it on both canvas and paper supports, unlike beeswax which requires rigidity.

In the sample above (only 4" sq) it's obvious that the surface is soft, because it stuck to the glass on my scanner. But it doesn't mar like encaustic. It does have that lovely wavy surface. This is only the first try. The image was created with drips and tape. Pretty simple. That was a design experiment that I'm not thrilled about, but I do love that surface. More to come.

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