Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Taking Time Out

Since I work mainly by commission, I struggle to maintain my creativity. It's imperative that I continue to create new things, not just rework old ideas. The completion of the corporate commission yesterday was satisfying. Enough so that I took some time to get these abstract "bubble" images out of my head and onto paper. I have been visualizing these for weeks. Did a series of three. They aren't quite "there" yet - but now I have a clearer vision.

In addition, my client brought an old project back to me with the request that I digitally manipulate the colors to match the hotel room color palette. Easier said than done since all I had was a digital image of the colorboard to match to. After two revisions were rejected, I just painted the images to match her verbal descriptions of the colors. I will deliver them today.

Tried a new type of inkjet canvas yesterday that does not require varnishing. It's a fantastic matte finish. I printed a stock photo for a client in a 36 x 48. Paid for the roll of canvas and I got to test a new product.

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