Tuesday, November 08, 2005


When I bought my 44" Epson printer some years ago it only made sense because I had one job that would pay for it. I printed 800 giclees of an abstract painting for room art in a high end hotel. After that I wondered what I would ever use it for. I didn't really have a market for giclees, and I didn't want to get into the printing business.

Not surprisingly I have found a number of uses for it. When I am painting multiples of a specific size, I create a template in Photoshop with a one pixel border. I run my watercolor paper through the printer and I have my exact size printed on all sheets in the right measurements in the exact same place. It saves me so much time and effort.

I have developed a process of over printing photographs on paintings. It's a unique look that is difficult to copy (always a plus in my competitive market).

And I am printing my own photography -- which is much more technical than I ever imagined.

But today I am back to basics as I prepare to print 300 images of a custom painting for a hotel project.

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